Welcome to Stormlounge!

 I added videos to the countdowns, but the GH4 one didn't work...so, that isn't there. But, I will add videos for as many future countdowns as I can. Oh, and the Chop Suey music video didn't work either. I will try to fix both of those problems, but if I can't, the link to the Chop Suey video is http://youtube.com/watch?v=_NrA28oo_ZQ. I didn't put the GH4 one because it isn't that interesting...
 There is now a video page, where there are youtube videos.
 I have added a countdown pages for countdowns to various events.
 The forum is up!! To access it, click on the forum button on the top of this page!
 Well, I have just put up the site!! More will soon follow. I am in the process of making and polishing a forum, so that will come soon!
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